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What is the Exact Right Time To Consult A Fertility Specialist?

What is the Exact Right Time To Consult A Fertility Specialist

One of the major problems for such high number of infertility cases is ignorance, most people ignore the earlier common symptoms of infertility and the result is that their condition gets worsen by time.  Also, mostly a couple consults a fertility specialist of best ivf center in vikaspuri, when they have tried conceiving a child for more than a year or so, and failed however, this can be resolve and assisted much sooner as technological and medical advancement have given as various infertility treatments.

These treatments are a new ray of hope for couples who have a dream of completing their family with a new baby in their life.In all couples, there is a 50/50 chance that a man or woman will have a fertility problem, it is not linked to a particular gender.

Most of the patients who have been trying to conceive for more than a year are neglected when they visit the gynaecologists as when they run tests everything seems normal and they guide the couples to keep trying naturally. This is non-supportivewith respect to the female reproductive age, as the female reproductive cycle is very crucial when it comes to conceiving a child and, in these cases, the appropriate age passes and then further complications arises. Today, we are going to share some of the major reasons which indicates that you need to pay a visit to a fertility specialist of best ivf center in pitampura.


PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome, this disorder is very common nowadays, especially at a young age in females. In this syndrome, cysts are formed in the ovaries in a female’s body which results in delayed periods and since, they are unaware about this hormonal condition, it also delays the conception and can sometimes leads to infertility. However, it can be treated with hormonal injectables which can help in conceiving. Therefore, if you have irregular periods and are trying conceive, you should visit a fertility specialist of best ivf center in delhi.


Endometriosis is a condition take occurs in the uterus where endometrial tissue spreads to places it shouldn’t, like the ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc. Patients suffering from endometriosis have high chances of facing infertility, therefore, if you have this condition, you should visit the best ivf center near you and consult the specialist of best ivf center in Vikaspuri as they can recommend you the best treatment based on your condition.


Your thyroid is linked into your hormones, so if it is out of order, it can impact your chances of conceiving. Low levels of thyroid hormone can cause irregular menstrual cycles and also impact ovulation. If you have a known thyroid issue, it’s important to monitor your thyroid hormone levels prior to getting pregnant however, if it is already monitored and regulated with medications, it shouldn’t be an issue.

If Your Ageis 35+

The female reproductive age is very vital in terms of conception as the quality and number of eggs declines as the age increases. In simple terms, the older you get, lesser will be the number and quality of your eggs. As per our experts of ivf center in delhi, the best age to conceive is before 35 years for females,so when you plan your baby, you should consider the female reproductive cycle.

Less Than 35 Years of Age and Been Trying for One Year

If you are under 35 and have been practicing un-protected sex for more than 12 months, and are not able to conceive, you should consult a fertility specialist as you require specific tests to know the exact reason for infertility. After that, the fertility specialist of best ivf center in south exwill be able to guide you with the right treatment and help you in conceiving a baby.

Low Sperm Count

Nowadays, the females go through various infertility tests to determine the cause of infertility however, a simple test on the part of males isn’t considered much. The factors of infertility are equally divided that is, 50% on the females’ side and 50% on the male’s side. Therefore, males should get proper analysis and if they have low sperm count, they should reach to the experts of best ivf center in Dwarka, who will then recommend the appropriate treatment to proceed with the conception.

If Your Age is 45+

As we discussed earlier, the female reproductive age is very crucial and if your age is more than 40 years and you are trying to conceive, then, you should visit the best ivf center near you. Then, the experts of best ivf center in South ex will be able to suggest you the best possible treatment which is, whether you should opt for you a donor egg or use your own egg.

Multiple Miscarriages

It is not necessary that you consult an IVF specialist in Delhi only when you face an infertility issue, you can reach them even if you had multiple miscarriages or multiple abortion. This is important as the fertility experts will be able to guide you with tests which are required in a recurrent pregnancy loss case. When you conceive a baby,these tests will assist us and make sure, that you have a 9 months heathy baby in hands.

All this information can be overwhelming as the idea of conceiving a baby is not only emotional but also physically exhausting, however, all of this is worth the efforts once you see your new-born. So, make sure you choose the best ivf center in Dwarka, when you make up this important decision and experience any of the above listed issues.


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