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Precious Egg Donor Program

Egg donation means when a woman with good ovarian reserves donates Egg Oocytes to infertile woman, having poor egg reserve (ovarian reserve), or no egg formation due to age or any other reason.

Origyn Fertility & IVF carries very successful egg donation program, following all guidelines laid by ICMR under which it is clearly mentioned that no ART Clinic can provide oocyte donors, sperm donors and surrogate mother to the patient directly, a separate ART Bank (Artificial reproductive Technology Bank) is required for the same. We have collaboration with ART BANKS who provide us a wide range of Indian Donors & Causasian Donors too. Our centre always encourage professional egg donation, which means where donor goes IVF to donate eggs for couple rather than egg sharing (in which eggs are shared with a couple undergoing IVF for themselves). Incase of egg sharing there is compromise of both IVF cycles.

Who require egg donation?

  • If a woman has no ovaries (either cogenitally absent or removed due to any surgery).
  • Women having very low quality of ovarian reserve, may be due to age or can be some unexplained reason.
  • A previous history of IVF failures.
  • Premature Ovarian failure (where menopause has started much earliar, before 40).
  • Genetically transmitted disease that could be passed on to your child.

How we choose suitable donor for the couple

  • A lady should be less than 30 years of age having her own kid, which proves her fertility.
  • We emphasis that her looks or physical appearance is as close to the intended mother as possible.
  • USG of donor is done to look for AFC (ANTRAL FOLLICLE COUNT), if AFC is good then is followed by AMH &Thalessemia testing.
  • A thorough history & observation is donor is performed along with psychological counseling.
  • All the baseline tests of donor is carried out to confirm her fitness.
  • Donor is given complete care and attention and there injections are given in our centre only, so that the schedule is not disturbed.
  • As the Egg donation in India is Anonymous, so we follow all legalities for that, we share donor profile (age, educational qualification, ethnicity, colour of hairs, eyes, complexion, how many kids etc.) with patient but not the photograph of the donor.
  • The success rate of IVF with Donor egg is very high, 60-70%.
  • Donor program is well coordinated with patients stationed outside Delhi through mails.


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