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Dr. Rashmi Sharma, Founder & Director of Origyn Fertility & IVF. She has put million dollar smile on the faces of many infertile couples all over the world. Not only being one of the Best IVF specialists in Delhi she is very transparent, ethical in her patient care approach. Origyn IVF is proud and satisfied to have an outstanding success rate and excellence under her supervision. Origyn IVF center is one of the India’s largest IVF center/Test Tube Baby Center in North India having highly advanced equipments & IVF techniques It is an Initiative to originate new life, through the best team effort. We Are Recipient of ET (Economic Times) 2019 Awards In The 3 categories on 4th Oct 2019
  • Best IVF Center in India (North)
  • Most integrated team of IVF in India
  • Hall of fame award –Best IVF Specialist in North India – Dr. Rashmi Sharma
  • We are also recipient of global health excellence award at global healthcare excellence awards -2014.


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