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Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

Healthy diet during pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy diet is must for every person, however, there are certain times, when you need to take extra care of your health. Pregnancy is one of these rare moments where you need to be extra cautious about your eating habits, lifestyle and mental health. However, at this time, you get alot of advices and guidance about healthy diet during pregnancy from everyone in your circle, so getting confused and mis-guided is very common.

Do not worry, we are here today to help you with some of healthy food options which you can eat and inculcate in your diet during pregnancy. There are certain nutrients and vitamins which you must focus on and add on into daily lifestyle as they are very necessary for your body and your baby’s growth and nourishment. Some of these vital vitamins and nutrients are-

Lean Protein
Healthy Fats
Complex Carbohydrates

If you are situated near NSP, you can always contact Origyn IVF center, they are known for providing the best and accurate medical guidance when it comes to pregnancy and IVF procedures. Let us now take a look on some of the foods which are rich in the above mentioned nutrients and vitamins-

Some of the sources of Healthy Diet are:-

Milk Products

Your body needs consistent amount of calcium and protein as you have another person growing inside you, thus, you need to add on a good amount of dairy products in your diet when you are pregnant. Some of the dairy products which you can consume daily are milk, cheese and yogurt.

Dals & Beans

Lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, soybeans and peanuts are the example of Dals and Beans which you must add in your daily diet during your pregnancy. They are perfect plant-based source for your regular requirements of fiber, protein, iron and calcium. Therefore, it is a very necessary option which you should keep in your diet.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are not only amazingly versatile when it comes to cooking them but are also a very tasty option which will help your body achieve its daily Vitamin A consumption during your pregnancy. It a plant-based source of Vitamin A which is less toxic than organ based meat option and is also a great source of fiber, both which will help in your baby’s growth.


It is one of the best protein source option which should be a must in your diet, it contains protein and all the healthy fats which your body requires for the development of your baby. It helps in accurate development of brain and spine of your baby and avoids any abnormalities and as we all know, there are numerous ways to cook it.

Leafy Greens

We know that you were expecting this variety, this is something our elders and parents try promote from our very childhood, to eat green vegetables and there is a very important reason behind it. It is the perfect source of necessary vitamins like K, C and A, also, it enriches your body with fiber and calcium. Some of the examples of them are Kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Lean Meat

When you are expecting a baby, It is necessary that you have a high quality protein source and lean meat is the best source of it. Some of the sources of lean meat are chicken, turkey, and salmon. It will help in your baby’s growth and is rich in nutrients like protein, iron and   vitamin B.

Whole Grain

You should always prefer whole grains instead of refined grains during your pregnancy as whole grains are rich with fiber, vitamins and fair share of protein which are necessary for your baby’s development. Oats and Quinoa are some of the examples of whole grains, you can also add brown rice and barley in your diet.


Last but surely not the least, is water. We all hear that “You should drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily” and during pregnancy, you have to keep a healthy track of water intake as your body is the source of hydration for your baby. You should consult your doctor or in some cases, IVF specialist about what should be your daily water intake as it varies from condition to condition.


Also, if you are pregnant and need the right direction regarding your baby’s growth and development or if you are couple who are planning to have a baby and want the right guidance, you should contact Origyn IVF, they are one of the best fertility and IVF center near NSP. You can reach us at info@origynivf.com or call on 8080809084.


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