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Case Study: IUI Positive Pregnancy at Very Poor Egg Reserve!

Our patient Mrs. Aditi (name changed to protect the privacy of the patient) 38-year-old patient, married for 2 years had been advised donor egg IVF cycle at multiple places. When she came to Origyn IVF, she was very distressed and wanted to conceive with her own eggs desperately.

We explained to her that for donor egg IVF there is no age limit, so she will have that option open to her even if comes to us 5-10 years later and since she has not yet attained menopause and is less than 40 years of age, she should definitely be trying with her own eggs.

So we gave her simple egg forming oral medication followed by a few more ultrasounds to track her follicle growth. She formed a very nice follicle in her left ovary at approximately 20mm size follicle. She was given an injection for the follicle to rupture and after 36 hours of that injection, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) was done with her husband’s semen.17 days later, she could not believe when her Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) came positive. In this patient, she had been married only for 2 years (late marriage – not that she was infertile for a long period of time) and her tests like Tube Test, Ultrasound, husband’s Semen Analysis were normal except for extremely poor AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone – 0.17 ng/ml). AMH tells us how much reproductive life span a lady has like in this woman, definitely, she had very little time left, but she was still forming few eggs and had not completely exhausted her reserve. Such patients should be given a chance to conceive from their own egg by simple measures like IUI or Natural Cycle IVF – before finally proceeding for donor egg IVF if no conception. Such positive results at extremes of situation give us impetus to try harder and harder for our patients and give them best result with minimum medication and treatment.


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