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Are IVF babies same as naturally born babies?

IVF In-vitro Fertilisation (Test Tube Baby) is a boon for childless couples, but with its advancements still, a few stigmas are associated with it. People have myths in mind regarding the procedures of IVF and also about the resulting child from it. As they think whether the baby is as normal as a normal baby, are they free from any kind of deformities? The first IVF baby Louis Brown who was born in 1978 and she is the example that she is herself now a mother of the baby child. It is high time to bust the most common myth that IVF babies are different from naturally conceived ones. Although conception of the IVF babies is not natural, it is out of women’s body in a petri dish of an embryology lab, but with the advanced technology and medical expertise the results of the artificial conception are at par with the natural conception.

In case of IVF, the egg is fertilized by the sperm (Male Partner) in a lab under the supervision of skilled and experienced embryology team and IVF doctors. A certain level of embryo growth takes place in the Embryology lab and once the embryo has reached the right stage in its development, it is placed in the female partner’s uterus, after which the growth and entire pregnancy carry on as it would have been as in natural conception. Couples with fertility issues opt for IVF because either the male or female partner or (in some cases, both partners) has a fertility issue that prevents natural conception.

While it is true that in IVF, the doctor inserts the embryo into the uterus of the female through the cervix, from that point on, the pregnancy is like any other. So we must bear in mind that the technology used is referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), not Artificial Reproductive Technology.

Whether it is natural conceived baby or IVF conceived baby chances of abnormalities are same. IVF babies are as healthy as other babies, nobody can tell a difference between an IVF baby and a naturally conceived baby. For all the couples facing fertility issues, it is advised not to believe in myths blindly. so it is advised to take this crucial decision after doing research and gain knowledge of IVF, instead of blindly believing in myths associated with it. They must consult a good expert IVF specialist doctor to clarify all their doubts and then only proceed further.

IVF babies are as normal as other children. In fact, until one is told, it is impossible to distinguish between IVF baby and other children.


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