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Advanced IVF Technology – a boon for humanity and for cancer survivors

There are very few advancement like IVF which have impacted the overall quality of life so much for so many couples. In India only, approximately 27 million couples are facing the curse of being infertile. Going by statistics approximately one in every 7-8 couple is facing this issue. Egg freezing is the upcoming biggest technological advancement in the field of ART. This technique has given the opportunity to a single women /cancer patient to delay motherhood .as cancer survival rates are now quite good, we should try to preserve the fertility of young men and women suffering from various types of cancer who are about to lose their fertility due to cancer treatment. Origyn Fertility and IVF center is one of the most renowned centers for fertility preservation in India. We are the referral centre for cancer patients from Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute, Max, Shalimar Bagh and Action Balaji hospital on a regular basis. Almost daily, we are preserving sperms of young boys and men. Now with increasing awareness of various fertility preservation options for women as well, we are being approached by parents of many young girls as well. Social egg freezing also is increasingly being requested by many women, who are planning to delay childbearing, either due to unavailability of the suitable partner or due to cancer issues. Some multinational companies like facebook and google have even started sponsoring for egg freezing for their female employees.
Cost of egg /embryo freezing (either for delaying childbearing or prior to cancer treatment ) is almost like an IVF cycle that in between 1.5 lakh rupees to 2 lakh rupees. At Origyn Fertility and IVF, we are increasingly getting more and more women who want to freeze their eggs. Mostly these women are in their thirties.

This technology is the answer for “Ticking Biological Clock ”and very useful when faced with a dilemma of choosing between career, and having a baby or waiting for the right partner without bothering about ticking biological clock.


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