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Dr. Rashmi Sharma

Note: According to a recent Directive from ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India), Surrogacy is now not permitted for Foreign Nationals. We do not engage in surrogacy for Foreign Nationals anymore.

Surrogacy is boon for childless woman for whom many IVF has failed or who is unable to carry pregnancy on her own due to some reason attached to surrogacy .Earlier there were lot of social taboos attached to surrogacy but now the society is becoming more and more open minded to it thanks to celebrities like Mr Aamir Khan and Mr Shahrukh Khan publically accepting babies born through surrogacy.We at Origyn Fertility & IVF have a successful surrogacy program following strict guidelines laid down by ART Bill 2010 by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). These guidelines are soon going to become ART act or law in India.
surrogacy ivf centreSurrogacy offers a chance to have their own genetic baby,which is very much desired by many couples.So when natural conception or conventional fertility treatment options like IVF fail, then surrogacy becomes an important alternative. By offering comprehensive Surrogacy solutions we intends to provide solution to aspiring couples.
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There are two types of surrogacy:

  • In traditional surrogacy:
    The surrogate mother is artificially inseminated with the sperm of the intended father or sperm donor. The surrogate’s own egg will be used, thus she will be the genetic mother of the resulting child.This is not legal in India.
  • In Gestational surrogacy
    The pregnancy results from the transfer of an embryo created by in vitro fertilization (IVF), in a manner so the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate. Embryos which are not transferred may be frozen and used for transfer at a later time if the first transfer does not result in pregnancy. Gestational surrogates are also referred to as gestational carriers.Gestational surrogacy is more common.
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Who Needs Surrogacy:

  • Uterine conditions: removal, absence (MKRH), deformed (fibroids), etc.
  • Pelvic: Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc.
  • Systemic: Heart condition (cardiomyopathy), renal (transplants), epilepsy, diabetes, etc.
  • Fertility: Multiple failed IVF, Multiple Miscarriage.
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  • Surrogacy Process at Origyn
    Origyn Fertility & IVF has collaboration with Registered  & Accredited ART Bank for donor & surrogacy. The IVF procedure is carried out in Max hospital  for the patient  but for surrogate selection we refer to f ART Bank.The surrogate stays in suurogate home, provided by ART Bank  for full pregancy tenure  which has all facilities for complete care of surrogate.This  team includes Doctors, nurses, maid, cook and a watch man/Gaurd for 24/7. Apart from that we have cameras put up in the surrogate home for having complete watch of their activities. All medications are  provided to them and medical checkup is carried out every 15 Days by DrRashmi Sharma herself to insure the  healthy  status of pregnancy.
  • The Intended couple’s history & reports are examined as to determine the genuinity of the case.
    ·    Afterfinalizing that couple needs surrogacy we ask intended parents to register with our collaborator ART banks.
    ·    After registration we ask ART Bank to send us the suitable surrogates on day 11-12 of their cycles.
    ·    Surrogates are personally examined by DrRashmi Sharma. A thorough history taking and examination follows and an USG is undertaken to see the endometrium during
    ·    If the surrogate is found to be physically and mentally fit than their meeting is arranged between the intended parents, surrogate and her husband in the ART bank .
    ·    If both the parties agree to go ahead than plan for clinical process is laid down in which patient’s and surrogates’s cycle are coordinated.
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    • Surrogate mother should be of age between 21 to 35 years.
    • She should not have experienced any major illnesses in the past.
    • She should be having normal reproductive organs and good endometrium on mid-cycle ultrasound.
    • The lady should not have experienced pregnancy more than thrice.
    • She should not be addicted to any ill habits, like smoking or drinking alcohol.
    • Thorough psychological counseling is done with the surrogates to be sure of her decision to go ahead for surrogacy.


    • Surrogacy by ART should be considered only for patients for whom it is physically or medically impossible / undesirable to carry a child to term.
    • Individuals or couples may obtain the service of a surrogate through an ART bank.
    • The person or persons who have availed of the services of a surrogate mother shall be legally bound to accept the custody of the child / children irrespective of any abnormality that the child / children may have, and the refusal to do so shall constitute an offence.
    • A couple or an individual shall not have the service of more than one surrogate at any given time.
    • A couple shall not have simultaneous transfer of embryos in the woman and in a surrogate.

    You may also read the complete ICMR Bill 2010 regulations  and rules.