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Our Department is thrilled with the joy of NRI couple, they are immensely happy with the arrival of little angel, a baby girl on 17 August 2016. Dr. Rashmi Sharma, HOD of IVF Department, Max Hospital, Pitampura, New Delhi said that this is going to be one of the rarest case reported Worldwide having too many complications and still one baby survived from the twin. It will set a benchmark for others too and a buzz is going on in entire Gynecology Forum for it.

This couple came to us 2 years back having a history of previous 2 IUI and 4 IVF failures from different parts of World. When they approached Max Team and then met with Dr. Rashmi Sharma were obviously distressed due to prior failures. Dr. Rashmi Sharma started their treatment keeping in mind all these factors and planned best treatment line for them. In first cycle of IVF with us they succeeded but had a biochemical pregnancy which aborted later. They underwent frozen embryo transfer FET after 3 months which resulted in positive twin pregnancy. Pregnancy was going on well till 22 weeks when USG showed water bag of forecoming twin burst and all the fluid was lost subsequently. She developed infection and aborted one of the twin. In a desperate attempt to save the second twin a decision to apply stitch on the mouth of uterus was to be taken after consent from the family. Then the patient was put under aggressive conservative management and pregnancy continued well till 31 week and a healthy female child was born few days back under the supervision of Dr. Rashmi Sharma & Dr Ranu Dadu. Entire teams is very happy for couple and wish them good luck ahead. Such type of challenging cases are encouraging source of motivation for Doctors and the team as it gives a sense of immense satisfaction.

More IVF Success Cases

  • The Rarest case of March 2017 of the previous history of 8 IVF failures and one ectopic pregnancy: 4 self-egg IVF and 4 Donor egg IVF along with 4 miscarriages ( All IVF pregnancies). Her AMH was <1.0 along with male factor ( Oligoasthenoospermia). This patient came to us for surrogacy but with commendable team effort and analysis of Dr. Rashmi Sharma, she conceived at Origyn and successfully in the first attempt delivered twins babies.
  • Recently a 49-year-old lady has been blessed with a child (she lost her grown-up kid in an accident)
  • One of the miracles also happened ( July 2016) where 30 years old lady with Poor AMH (0.17 NG/ML) came to us. All other centers had advised her IVF with Donor egg, but we took a chance and we succeeded in the second cycle of IUI.
  • Recently at our center, we had a case of a patient who had lost hope, with thin endometrium lining and poor ovarian reserve (POR) where with the use of Embryo glue and G – CSF injection conception happened.
  • An Overweight lady of 140 kg successfully delivered twin IVF babies (March 2015).
  • We are proud to announce that in November 2014 we had a successful pregnancy in a patient of 10 IVF failures !!!.