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4th Floor, HB Twin Tower NSP, Pitampura, New Delhi-34

H–482, Vikaspuri, Delhi OPD Only

Kalpataru Multispeciality Clinic, 225 DDA SFS, Sector-9 Pocket 1 Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075

South Ex Front Flat, 3rd Floor, N-5, South Extension-1, New Delhi - 110049

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Infertility myths and facts

There are heaps of myths about getting pregnant and infertility. The odds are good that you’ve heard many of them from family members and companions attempting to cheer you up. In any case, while you’re trying to consider it, isolating truth from myths is significant. It’s pivotal to do so because accepting a portion of those legends could keep you from seeking the consideration and treatment you want. Dr Rashmi, director of Origyn IVF and an experienced IVF specialist, has attempted to burst these myths regarding fertility and give a clear idea regarding the facts associated with it.


Myth: Infertility is a female issue.

Truth: infertility is not generally viewed as a ‘her’ issue. Roughly 40% of instances of barrenness occur because of problems in men. Another 40% are because of issues that happen in the lady. In approximately 20% of every infertile couple, the two accomplices have issues adding to their infertility. Current infertility treatment centres around the couple as a unit, remembering they are a group that will cooperate to determine this issue.

People often say that there is no rush to get pregnant! Take a look at every one of the ladies in the news having children ways into their 40s and, surprisingly, 50’s! But the reality is that by far, most of the ladies, who become pregnant in the wake of crossing the age of 43, have utilized donor ladies’ egg. Also, there are substantial well-being dangers to the mother and the child when the mother is in a high-level regenerative age. These realities shouldn’t dissuade a lady from seeking discussion from her gynaecologist about her one-of-a-kind circumstance and potential for progress. It would help if you always remained in touch with your specialist, and we suggest you count on Dr Rashmi, who has undoubtedly brought smiles to many mothers. Generally, fertility starts to decrease in a lady beginning at age 27. At 35, that decline speeds up; after 40, it declines considerably more steeply. A sound way of life can’t stop the ordinary course of maturing.

Myth: Administrations for infertility (like IVF) are excessively innovative and excessively costly for most couples to consider

Reality: In all actuality IVF is costly, yet many couples find, assuming that is what their circumstance direct, there are good ways of dealing with the expenses. The other truth is even though IVF is usually every couple’s most obvious opportunity for pregnancy. All couples don’t require it as Most infertile couples then accomplish pregnancy with less invasive treatment like IUI or Ovulation Induction with timed intercourse. If you are looking for an affordable IVF treatment, origin IVF, with its branches in North Delhi, is a must-check out for you.

Myth: While infertility might be a troublesome encounter, essentially, it can constantly be settled by treatment.

Truth: Tragically, a few out of every odd infertile patient will eventually get a child who is organically associated with them. The measurements support yourself, with 66% of infertile patients, in the long run, having a child after treatment.

Myth: You don’t have to stress if you’re young.

Truth: Age is just a single element of numerous barrenness. It is the case that as you age, your possibilities of confronting infertility increase. However, even a couple in their mid-20s has a 7% possibility of managing infertility. Tracking the right doctors, medical attendants and advocates to direct you through this unique region is vital. Conversing with your essential consideration or gynaecology supplier will assist with putting you on the way to finding the bits of insight and techniques you might use in your unique journey for a kid.

Myth: Infertility is inherited.

Reality: infertility isn’t genetic; however, specific ailments are innate and may obstruct a lady’s capacity to get pregnant.

Myth: Weight doesn’t affects fertility

Reality: Being overweight or underweight can prompt a great deal of trouble in becoming pregnant. Fat men might have unfortunate sperm quality, while ladies might have hormonal awkwardness and expanded possibilities of unnatural birth cycles and diabetes.

Myth: It is Acceptable for a man or lady to smoke.

Reality: False. Smoking can lessen sperm inclination and motility in men, while, in ladies, it can accelerate the decrease in the number of eggs and draw out origination time.

Myth: It is alright to take self-cure for minor issues.

Reality: False. If a lady wants to begin a family, she should avoid self-prescription as it can influence her opportunities to consider by disrupting ovulation and her menses. Counsel your Gynecologist before taking any medication.


Myth: Stress influences fertility only in ladies.

Truth: Stress can influence all kinds of people. It can add to the loss of sex drive (moxie), which, thus, can diminish the recurrence of sex. In ladies, it can significantly affect ovulation and treatment (a combination of egg and sperm). At the same time, in men, it can influence the quality and amount of sperm—inability to consider this increases stress.

Myth: The people who have conceived once can’t be infertile

Truth: Numerous ladies experience the ill effects of optional infertility, which the lady has recently considered yet is consequently unfit to do as such. Many variables can influence what is going on – age, way of life after birth, etc.

Myth: Ripeness and age are not associated.

Reality: False. As age increments, the fertility rate decreases and premature delivery rates increment. That doesn’t mean that accomplishing an effective pregnancy at a higher age is unimaginable. However, it is more troublesome and can require various types of treatment. Likewise, way of life factors, for example, smoking, liquor, weight, unlawful medication use, diet, ailments and hereditary issues, can influence ripeness, whatever the age. In men, the impact is old enough and isn’t simply huge.

Myth: Sperm capability is better after an extensive stretch of forbearance (not having sex)

Truth: The restraint season of 3 – 4 days is, for the most part, thought to be the suitable time for good quality sperms. Extended sexual restraint might influence sperm qualities like motility.

Myth: Being on the hormonal oral prophylactic pill (OCP) for a long time will prompt infertility

Truth: NO. Long-haul utilization of the pill doesn’t affect richness. When a lady has quit taking the medication, it might take some time for her body’s regular chemicals to dominate. Most ladies who have been taking the OCP consider something like an extended period of halting the pill.


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