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Origyn – Twin IVF babies after 8 IVF Failures including 4 miscarriages

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Donor egg

These babies (twins) , Origyn babies were born in the very first successful attempt at Origyn IVF one of our case study of March 2017.

Mrs. Vandana (name changed ) 43 Years female came to us with previous one ectopic pregnancy 8 IVF failures : 4 Self egg & 4 donor egg and along with 4 miscarriages (all IVF pregnancies). She had lost all hopes of delivering a baby on her own and came to us seeking surrogacy. After screening all her reports, she was told to undergo tests for so many miscarriages and then proceed with whatever treatment is decided by them in consultation with Dr. Rashmi Sharma. The patient had poor ovarian reserve also her AMH was < 1.0 along with male factor (Oligoasthenozoospermia).

Below mentioned investigation and treatment protocol was followed for them


Donor egg IVF-ICSI was advised

Before proceeding towards IVF certain customized protocol was followed like
Donor egg

These steps were taken to improve pregnancy outcome as the patient had experienced many pregnancy losses before.

  1. Endometrial scratching: the endometrium is gently scratched with a cannula to make it more receptive to embryo implantation. It is an OPD procedure.
  2. Embryo Glue : In case of previous IVF failures a new culture media is giving promising results.
  3. Heparin: An anticoagulant used in cases of thromboptic disorders.

After all these measures Vandana delivered a baby boy and baby girl little pre-mature at 32 weeks through C- section in March 2017. Now she is a proud mother of 2 babies.

Origyn Fertility & IVF feels proud to announce that one more feather has been added to our success stories of couples . Our endeavor to cater such multiple IVF failure and highly complicated cases gives us confidence and contentment which is unexplainable
So contact with highly experienced Dr Rashmi Sharma ( IVF Specialist ) info@origynivf.com