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Dr. Rashmi Sharma is the founder and Director of Origyn Fertility and IVF. She has been practicing as a leading Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and Infertility specialist since 1999. Her patient friendly, down to earth nature and humanitarian approach enables patients to overcome the communication barrier. She is well known for her polite and soft spoken behaviour, and gives impartial attention towards all her patients and staff members. She deals with all infertility problems and has expertise in dealing with complicated cases. Origyn fertility & IVF is famous for its success on multiple IVF failure cases.


Dr. Poonam Upadhyay : (BAMS) She is our Medical Officer. She had worked initially with ‘Sehgal Neo Hospital and Park Hospital’ for about 4 years. With her experience in handling Gyane and ANC patients she is also having pleasing personality which enables her to counsel IVF and Infertility patients in a better manner. She assists in all type of Infertility surgeries along with Dr Rashmi Sharma. Her job responsibilities also include making discharges summary for our patients and maintaining IVF data of the patients for future analysis of IVF results. She supervise all the nursing staff for better care of patients. She is also passionate in doing academic activities to create blogs on infertility ,articles for IVF and preparing PPT on IVF for presentation.


Mr. Rahman is our Sr. Embryologist. He is one of the leading embryologist, who is well known for excellence in his field. He expertise in the field of PGD / PGS, also and is continously striving to attain the higher success rate in IVF – ICSI. He is patient oriented and provides assistance to the patients in male fertility problems. He leads the team of embryology staff. He performs the Advanced Reproductive (ART) procedures and trains the technical staff about performing the basic assisted reproductive technology procedures along with the record keeping. He is integral part of origyn team as he performs all the procedures pertaining to processing, handling and culturing of gametes and embyos in IVF – ICSI procedures in the lab. He also maintains the records and data entry and consent of all the procedures carried out in the Lab. He is responsible of maintaining and regulating semen banking and other cryopreservation services.

Ms. Ankita Gupta (Embryologist) B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D ( pursuing) in Embryology

Ms. Ankita Gupta : (Embryologist)


Dr. Vandana Chadha is renowned International name in Fetal medicine specialization. She has completed her 6 years post doctoral training at Mt Sinai Hospital, Toranto, Canada. Dr. Chadha is an Associate Fetal Medicine Consultant with Origyn Fertility & IVF. She takes care of all cases of fetal reduction when required. Dr. Chadha has an outstanding academic record and experience in teaching too. She is invitee of many TV channels and a panelist to discuss fetal medicine and perinatology. She is also columnist for leading magazine and newspapers.


We are pleased to have Dr. H.S Chauhan in our Origyn Team. He is not only a good Urolologist but also a patient friendly doctor and his nature act as a healer for a patient. He is one of the well-known and most preferred urologists in Delhi. He is also in the associated with Max Pitampura & Shalimar bagh. Urology and Senior surgeon team. His treatments is always precise and efficient and patient feel in safe hands. For our IVF treatment when male problems incure we always approach Dr. Chauhan for our cases. He has bagged several awards for his good work, WHO Pilot Project- Surgical Safety Checklist, Aua Segura International Urolithiasis Course & International Certificate of Appreciation by Women International Network. He Specializes in: Uro-Oncology, Female urology, Andrology, Reconstructive urology surgeries.


Dr. Jyoti Bhalla is our Sr. Anesthetist Consultant with a immense experience of 12 years in her field. She was previously consultant at SBAMI, JGH and also at Mata Chanan Devi Hospital. She handles with total care of the surgical patient before and after surgery and had a speciality of Pain relief management.


Dt. Monika Manchanda : (DDPHN) She is nutritionist and Diabetes educator. She is specialized in childhood obesity and weight management. In Origyn IVF she deals with infertility patients having hormonal issues like thyroid and PCOD. Her diet plan has helped many infertility patients in conception after weight loss.

Dr Imlesh MBBS, MS

Dr Imlesh : MBBS, MS


Dr. Anjali Sharma has a collective experience of over 12 years in the field. She holds PG in Naturapathy and Yoga Sciences/Acupressure and acupuncturist from SDM College, Karnataka and applied psychology from Annamalai University. She has also done her fellowship in Clinical Research from Medvarsity online Ltd, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. Dr. Sharma has worked for many prestigious institutions like central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy, Shudhi Nature Care Home And Dharamshala. She is very passionate about the healing effect of naturpathy on the body, this fervour prompted her to to write many articles for the books and newsletters such as “Yoga and Naturopathy”, Concepts of Yoga and Naturopathy and Yogic Pratritik Jeevan. She even has her own regular article for Action Healthcare and column on Myths and facts of naturaopathy in Action Times. In Origyn she gives sessions of acupuncture to the intented mother for improving the endometrial lining and also take the Yoga classes of the pregnant patients for the good health of mom and baby.


Ms. Tanpreet

Front Desk Manager: She is assisting in all type of telephonic queries of patients, and performs all front desk duties, billing of domestic and international patients, getting the USG done timely and coordinating with concerned doctors. She takes care of all appointments of Dr Rashmi Sharma & Dr Ranu Dadu, which are booked online and communicate them timely. She is trained through all induction & communication classes that are provided for HR duties. Her proficiency in spoken language and skill to handle patients in a polite and friendly manner. She is available at IVF Department reception from 8am to 5pm.


Staff Nurse: She is also a part of our support team responsible for giving IVF patients with all details related to injections and their timings, She also help patients to understand as how to put up IVF injections. Along with that she is also trained in all bio-waste management techniques that a nurse should know to dispose off all surgical items as per NABH norms.


Staff Nurse: She is assisting in all nursing activities along with that is responsible for maintaining hygiene of IVF Dept. and also assures that all the equipments of the IVF should be properly autoclaved before each procedure. She also handle all reception activities.

MS. Nisha Rani (Origyn Pharmacy)

Ms. Nisha Rani (Origyn Pharmacy)


IVF Technician: He assist all kind of IVF procedures in IVF lab. He also maintains embryology data.


(GDA) He is available at centre from 8 am to 5 pm . He serves tea ,coffee and water to all staff members and visitors. He also assist to all nursing staff at times of rush in OPD hours.

Lal Bahadur

(GDA) He is available at centre from 8 am to 5 pm . He serves tea ,coffee and water to all staff members and visitors. He also assist to all nursing staff at times of rush in OPD hours.