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Infertility Surgery

Many a times infertility requires surgical evaluation or correction like cyst removal, fibroid removal, uterine cavity correction, tubal surgery etc. The surgery if required is done at MAX Hospital’s highly sophisticated and advanced operation theatre situated on the 9 th floor of the hospital. We assure you of a very competent and safe surgery at very reasonable price

Given below is a brief description of various surgeries needed during the course of evaluation of infertility.

Diagnostic laparoscopy involves putting in a telescope through approximately 1 cm incision in naval under anaesthesia and have a look at your uterus, tubes, ovaries and try to find out a reason for infertility. If any deformity is found than we try to correct it at that time only. It is usually a day care procedure and does not involve overnight admission.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy is usually combined with laparoscopy. It involves putting in a telescope inside uterine cavity and try to correct the deformities of uterine cavity. It is hardly 15 min procedure under anaesthesia and requires only 3-4 hours of hospital admission

In cases of tubal block near the uterine end, hysteroscopic tubal cannulation is tried in an effort to open the tubal opening in the uterus. This procedure is known as Hysteroscopic Tubal Canulation Hysteroscopic septum resection is done when uterine cavity is divided in to 2 halves by a wall in the cavity.

Endometriosis, an enigmatic illness many a times requires laproscopic surgery before going ahead with the infertility treatment

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