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How Blocked Fallopian Tube is a Cause of Infertility in Women?

Tubal Blockage

One of the main reasons for subfertility is Blocked Fallopian tube or tubal blockage. Among all the patients suffering from subfertility, in 20%-30% cases, the cause for the infertility is related to tubes.

This not only impacts the health of the mother but also leaves a major impact on her mental health. You no longer need to search out the internet regarding this, we will share our professional knowledge and guidance with you today and educate you about this condition.

What Is Blocking of Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked fallopian tube
According to the doctors, it is a situation where either one or both fallopian tubes get blocked or scarred which causes them to become narrow, leading to blockage.

The fallopian tubes are connected with the ovaries, to the uterus. These muscular tubes are attached with the hair-like structures which help the eggs to travel from the ovaries, to the uterus and also help the sperm to travel up from the uterus. The process of fertilisation takes place in the fallopian tube and after the fertilisation, eggs move towards the uterus for the implantation. A blockage stops the sperm to move towards the eggs, it also restricts the fertilised eggs to move towards the uterus.

What Causes Blocking of Fallopian Tubes?

As per Dr. Rashmi Sharma, one of the best IVF specialist in Delhi, some of the main causes for blockage of the tubes are:

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease- This is a sexually shared infection, which can be transmitted by the partner and it travels via the vagina to the womb, leading to the tubes. It can cause scaring and swelling in the tube causing the blockage.
  • Endometriosis- It is a condition where the inner lining of the womb gets transplanted and gets attached to the others parts in the pelvis, like ovaries and tubes. This again leads to scaring and swelling which eventually leads in blocking of the tubes.
  • Gonorrhoea- It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacteria known as Neisseria Gonorrhoea. This used to be known as “The Clap” and can also result in Tubal blockage.
  • Chlamydia- It is a common STD which can infect both men and women, it is highly dangerous for women reproductive system. It causes issues in pregnancy and can block the tubes.
  • Past Surgeries- Past surgeries can also cause blocking of the fallopian tubes, for instance an appendix surgery, or any previous surgery related to tubes.
  • Previous Ectopic Pregnancy- This refers to the situation where the fertilized egg gets implanted and starts growing outwards the main cavity of the uterus, mainly the tubes. This damages the tubes, and can also lead to hydrosalpinx, where fluids get accumulated in the blocked tubes and has to be treated immediately.

Diagnosis of Female Infertility

Identifying the condition of the Fallopian tube is crucial and due the advancement in science and technology, we have various tests and processes, which can help us in determining the status of the tubes. Some of the them are listed below-

  • An hysterosalpingogram or HSG Test- This is a type of X-ray, which is mainly done in the 7th-10th day of the cycle. The doctor injects a harmless dye from below, into the uterus which should flow into the fallopian tubes, to the tummy. If the stain is visible on an X-ray, then, the tubes are fine with no blockage. If the fluid doesn’t flow then it means that there is a blockage in the tube. All this process requires excellent care and you should only trust the best fertility center in Delhi for this.
  • The Keyhole Surgery or Laparoscopy- In this process the surgeon makes a little cut in the patient’s tummy, and uses small camera, to take direct images of the fallopian tube from inside, while using the dye to determine the blockage of the tube. Laparoscopy is the most accurate test to confirm if you have blocked fallopian tubes as this happens under the direct vision of the fertility specialist.

The doctors of Origyn IVF are experienced IVF specialist in Delhi and are able to suggest you the best procedure for diagnosis and treatment too.

  • Surgeries- There are surgeries available for the patients who have blocked fallopian tubes however, we need to be honest and share the correct information with you, they are not 100% successful but, still is an option to treat this situation. This can also lead to an ectopic pregnancy.
  • IVF Treatment- IVF treatment without a doubt is the best option to cure the blockage of the tubes, this is also recommended by our fertility specialist. This can also help if the patient has hydrosalpinx, in case of hydrosalpinx, we need to do a minor procedure and clip the tube before proceeding for IVF treatment.

When a couple is planning a pregnancy, it is a very vital step for them and before that, they should reach out and get proper tests to diagnose this issue at an earlier stage and always take professionals guidance to move forward. In such a case, you should go for the best IVF treatment as this is includes bringing a new loved one in your family and if you are from Delhi, you can take the consultation from the best IVF specialist in Delhi or call us @ 8080809084.


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