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In Fertility evaluation we take the thorough history of the couple, along with their sexual history or any past illness followed by physical examination of patient.We recommend baseline Tests/Investigations to the couple. These tests help us to find the underlying reason for the delay in pregnancy. Initially basic tests are done, and then if required in some cases other seconday tests like diagnostic laparoscopy, hyseterscopy are carried on for diagnosing the root cause of infertlity.

Fertility evaluation for men

Tests for male partner is usually only Semen analysis. This analysis helps in determining the sperm count and the motility of sperm. A normal semen analysis usually rules out any male factor for infertility in 99% of the cases.

In patients where abnormalities are found, further analysis is carried out like sperm morphology testing, vitality testing, Y chromosome deletion testing etc.

Fertility evaluation for women

For female partner, through tests we try to identify whether problem is in uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes or hormones. The most common tests are baseline USG, HSG, follicular study and AMH. Only one menstrual cycle is enough to do all the tests and find out the cause for infertility. Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy may also be needed in some cases.

We prescibe the baseline investigations /Tests rationally and try to keep them minimal and also do not repeat them if done earlier. We follow a stepwise manner so that the exact cause could be identified with minimum cost, time and inconvenience.